Athens, Ohio Water Main Break

A break in a main pipe left the entire city of Athens, Ohio without water for a day. Schools and businesses were closed, and even after the repair the city was placed under a boil-water notice for two days more.

According to Nick Joseph, Division Supervisor for Engineering and Public Works, the rupture was caused by a “water hammer,” a phenomenon which causes more pressure to build up than the pipes can withstand. This site is close to the main water reservoir, Joseph says, and there was a similar rupture near this site about two and a half years ago.

ATHENS, OHIO—February 16, 2017—Pat Casco (left), Jon Young, Glen Goins, and Ryan Brickles wait for a new section of pipe after preparing the location of the water main break. 

ATHENS, OHIO—February 16, 2017—Jon Young (left) and Pat Casco, Engineering and Public Works employees, wade through muddy water to clean off the exposed segments of pipe in prepare it for its repair.

ATHENS, OHIO—February 16, 2017—Ryan Brickles (bottom left) and Jon Young clean off an exposed section of the Athens City water main with Pat Casco (top left) and Glen Goins (top right).


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