A beginning?

I haven’t actually written anything (or even posted pictures, really!) here in a long time; that’s bothering me today. At what point will I have things to say? Adulthood started long ago, yet I often find myself waiting for my things to happen, looking outwards and admiring all the people who I feel have it “together.” I feel myself hang back in my comfort zone and leave my dreams to live inside themselves; I often feel terrified of where I want to be. (Whether I’m afraid of success or failure is still a mystery. Thanks, Steven Pressfield.)

This is not to say that I’ve got nothing; lots of exciting things are happening for me. I don’t mean to brag, but this is my blog, so…

    • I have a great job working as an assistant for a local photographer.
    • I just started an exciting new project about a local art collective led by Jake Buntjer. His vision is amazing.
    • I love my camera.
    • My roommate Alton Campbell is helping me teach myself how to code for web development. A new website is on its way.
    • I’m taking interesting classes from a good university.
    • My life is filled with pleasant distractions. From fulfilling things like playing the guitar with Alton to silly things like riding a skateboard, I’m never bored. (The brute ugliness of that homophone is beyond obnoxious to me, but alas! my hands are tied…)
    • My girlfriend is wonderful and I love her. She has her nose buried in her first year of med school at the University of Cincinnati. Go Mer!
    • Etc…

So why do you not take more pictures? It’s not like you’re short on inspiration! Goodness, Drake, you drive me crazy. Anyway, this is becoming lengthy and the only end in sight is an arbitrary one—here are some pictures of sunny Provo.

Thanks for your visit.




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